Sunday, April 29, 2007

Go Home Two Socks!

Holy fuck I'm Prom King!

This just proves it...I kick some major ass...people love me and all of that...I still cant fucking believe it.

the way they told us was that all the court members walked down the isle and were give a electric rose with there name on it, when you squeezed the top, if you won, it would lite up....I looked down at mine and was like
Fuck, they mixed mine up with Andrews, how embarrassing (Andrew is a retarded jock who seriously cant read but everyone seems to be in love with him)

Then when the guy said my name I just stood there for about 20 seconds and my date (who did not get Queen) had to shove me. I went to dance and take pictures with my queen and with all the other people who wanted a piece of my royal ass.

the best part about it was the look on that dumb fuck Andrews face when he didn't get it...the whole night we was say "I got this in the bag", "Kings a lock"...fuck off you retard, I'm better than you! He didn't even look at me the rest of the night, but when I looked over at him, I could see him look at me with hatred in his eyes...awesome...

The only down side is that I have to go back next year to give it away...I never wanted it in the first place, and now they are making me go back? Fuck that.

Thursday will be the last time in a long time I get to see my oldest entire family and our significant others (Nate James, Nicole, Fonz, Andrea, The Lloyd, Rachael, Dad, Mom) are all going out to eat and say our good byes. Hes moving to Arizona, don't ask me why, in about 2 weeks making the final end to his Wisconsin home...I just got off the phone with him and he was being a total douche fucker so I'm not going to miss him...thats a lie, yes I will...he started my love of music...

Dances With Wolves is the shit....

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another Rant

Holy God the Decemberists are the coolest things on 10 joke..

Prom is this Saturday and the place where I ordered my tux hasn't called back saying that I can come get it...I think I'm fucked

last night something really weird happened...a really good friend of mine and I had a little talk. OK I always knew that she loved me in a romantic way, but she never did anything about that I am dating Rachael she comes out and says it...well what the fuck am I suppose to do?...I love Rachael more than anything, im not going to just give her up because this girl feels that she has seniority...soooo I kinda had to crush her, and I hope that she realizes that she will always be important to me, just not Rachael important.

So I'm playing guitar and it just now hits me...I'm awesome....seriously...

...I suck....

Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Bologna Has A First Name...

Apparently I have been spending "too much" time with Rachael...fuck that.

My mom just kinda blew up at me because I told her that I wanted to go to her house tonight, and because I was already there this afternoon, she said no.
She feels we are moving to fast for only being 17, but I think different...I love this girl, I can honestly say I have never felt this way about another family might think that I'm moving to fast, that I'm stupid and don't know what im talking about, but fuck them. I haven't gotten my two brothers opinions, of which I hold much higher than my parents', but I hope at least they will understand...I mean, they are both in love I think...

I cant see the end of this all my others, I was able to see the whole thing...the great beginning, the boring middle, and the bitter end...I cant see the last two parts of this one, and I hope to God that she doesn't get sick of me. We have so much in common just love this girl, for to many reasons.

Oh, I also had to have the talk about sex with my she thinks the only reason I'm alive is to have sex....yup, that was pleasant...but my oldest brother also had to have the talk with her, and he survived...I think...


Sunday, April 8, 2007

I just dont know...

Apperently people feel the need to piss on my happiness

On facebook, I write on Rachaels "wall" all the time and alot of that is just stupid flirty stuff that is not to be taken what do you little shit heads go do? You take it seriously and tell her father (who already doesnt like me)...Thank you for that...Seriously, thank you for trying to take away the one last shred of happiness I have left...want to be friends?

Oh, I saw Nates ex girlfriend the other day when I was comming home from Rachaels...I started to swerve to hit her, but then thought I already have $500 worth of tickets and the last thing I need is one for vehicular man-slaughter.

Yay, her parents just beleived everything! This day just keeps getting better

I dont know what to do...I need someone to talk to...

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

This suit is NOT black

Netflix came today!...thanks to this divine invention, I am now watching BORAT, and later, BLOOD DIMOND...awesome...

Rachael is comming over tonight to watch Borat, but the only downside is that she WILL watch this movie, not just have it backround noise

The other day, Nate was telling me that it was because of him that more and more people are starting blogs, and I guess, in a way, hes right...Rachael just started one..her entire first post is about me and her best friend, so if you like mushy romantic stuff, I would read it.

We were planning on taking pictures last night, so I could finally have some new one of us on here, but that didnt really happen...I got to her house at about 7:30 and we watched the end to Mean Girls. (you are going to think Im a total sally, but that movie is freaking hilarious) Then we wanted to go get some ice cream...the original idea was to go to the local ice station in town, but this town sucks, so we went to Culvers in the next town over and it was damn good, although half of hers ended up on my dining room floor for various reasons.

We went back to her house and sat of her front porch and talked for about 2 hours and it was the greatest 2 hours of my life...I was soooooo relaxed
"oh shit! go get your camera"
"cameras dead"

I am going to call nate tongiht to comfirm my visit for Wensday, I just wish Jake would be there to and we could have a whole brothers night where we all get totaly mashed and think that we are the three funniest people on the planet.

I look at this picture and I cant help but think, what would they say?...Would Lloyd 15 years ago already show his awesomidity...would Nate show signs of his amazing photgraphy?...would Jake have the presence of a guitar great? (wow...I just found something nice to say)

Monday, April 2, 2007

Dry wall can suck my balls

My parents are still working on the bathroom...well its really only my dad, my mom just tells him what to do, seeing as shes a weakling and cant do anything herself.

All of saturday I had to help dad put up the drywall...I fucking hate never does what you want and then it breaks and you shout out-GOD FUCKING DAMN IT! I HATE THIS STUPID SHIT! And then your parents look at you in disbelief that those words came out of your mouth.

To top it off, Rachael was getting her nose peirced on Saturday and instead of going with her and having a good time, I had to be at home...getting yelled at...working my fingers to the bone.

Im thinking that Wensday im going to go to Nates, to spend some time with my older brother and Nicole , and hopfully, get nice and intoxicated...but if Rachael comes, no Alcohol will be ingested.

Oh, Nate came home on Friday and I was all : All right, another person to help with teh bathroom so it can be done faster. What does that bastard do? Goes home at 3:00 Saturday morning! Damn it!

Last night Rachael came over with the intention of watching The Departed ( if you have not seen this movie, you suck...stop reading and go watch it...) but we never really got to it...sure, it was playing in the backround..but eyes were not focused on the TV *wink*.....but now Im bummed because it is really a great movie and she NEEDS to see it, so we have to think of another idea on how shes going to see it...any sugestions?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Talking to Rachael tonight I heard some troubling news...Nates ex-girlfriend has been telling Rachael and her family lies about me, to make them hate me and to have her break up with me...FUCK!..

LIE-The Lloyd has a ton of girlfriends
TRUTH-The Lloyd has had 2 serious girlfriends
LIE-The Lloyd thinks very highly of himself
TRUTH-I suck
LIE-When I get bored with girl I make her feel insecure
TRUTH-My last girlfriend had no idea I was breaking up with her, so she obviously didn't feel like that

If Nates ex-girlfriend wasn't such a fucking cunt, she would be able to see that those feeling probably came AFTER the GOD DAMN breakup!

I HATE Mayville people!...they all need to die...except for Rachael of course...

That bitch probably undid all the charm I did on her I have to win her back...FUCKING SHIT!

I told Nate when he was dating her that she was a bitch...when they broke up..bitch..when he wanted her back and she just played him...bitch...I hate her

I really like this girl...I mean REALLY like her...shes the best thing I have going right now, and this little cum dumpster feels the need to shit on it...fuck her.

Only one thing can cheer me up now...Bruce Springsteen...jungle land bitches

alright, im all vented